Sheila  McDaniel

Obituary of Sheila Gaye McDaniel

January 23, 1964 – October 9, 2021

Sheila Gaye McDaniel passed away on Saturday, October 9, 2021 with a houseful of those she loved. She was preceded in death by her mother Violet, father Jimmy, great niece Ashley, sister Tammy, brother Duck, mother-n-law Isabelle, nephew Johnny Lee, cousin Cliff and sister-n-law Penny.

She leaves behind a devoted husband, Randall which she often called “dirty ol’ son of a b.” They had a strong marriage of 42 years because they paid attention to the small details. She had many jobs in her lifetime but the best was Mom and MawMaw. Her children Roger (RogLee) and Heather (HayHay) and Randy and Raphel cherished every moment with her but the grandbabies completed her world. Spoiling them was a full time job that she LOVED to do for A1C Randall “Trey Trey,” Abby, Bay Bay, Brad Man, Makaila Ashley and Zack with Hudson, Mariah, PFC Blade and Tepanga.

Jamie (brother) and Tammy, Johnny (brother-n-law), Missy (sister-n-law), Rosie (sister-n-law), Shirley (sister), Sissy (sister-n-law), Sue (sister) and Bob and Tommy (brother) will remember her always. Just like her best friend David who will always be part of the family.

Sheila was blessed with a large interwoven family. Nieces and nephews were more like children and great nieces and nephews were grandchildren. She will be deeply missed and remembered through time by Addlyn, Alaina, Alex, Amanda, Amber and Jimmy, Angel and Mike, Aria, Ashton, Austin, Babygirl and James, Bella, Big Dude, Bobby, Boodle, Bree, Breezie, Bridget, Brooklyn, Bubby and Lindsay, Caleb, Cameron, Carly, Carter, Christian, Colton, Delcan, DeeDee, DJ and Brandy, Dominick, Donnie, Dubba and Todd and baby girl Hope, Elena, Emily, Ethan, Eva Mae, Fred, GayGay, Gracie, Haley, Heafy and Wes, Iryan, Jackie, Jacob, Johnny, Justin and Amber, Katrina and Adam, Kerri, Kylee, Laiton, Lincoln, LissieBo and Sam, Logan, Lydia, Mackenzie, Maddy, Maggie, Mckayla, Michael, Nolan, Parker, Paul, SamBo and Nathan, Sarah and Chris, Scottie, Shana and Troy, Shaun, Stevie, Sylvia, Terry and Thomas.

The door was always open, stove was always on, coffee was always in the pot and come the holiday season, her house was lit up like Fort Knox. She always had ears to listen and shoulders to lean on. She loved camping, spending time with family and having a house full of people.  Everyone will miss her free spirit but mostly everyone will miss her feisty attitude, deep love and outspoken personality.

Although her husband and kids held on tightly and fulfilled her every wish (and needs), her last moments were the best they could be. She had the privilege and honor of hearing all of her loved ones’ voices before walking through heaven’s gate. A Celebration of Life will be hosted at her home on Sunday, October 17, 2021 from noon until 6:00 PM.

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